Welcome to PMRRC — Celebrating 75+ years!

Welcome to the online home of the Pasadena Model Railroad Club!

Founded in 1940, the PMRCC recently celebrated its 75th anniversary. PMRRC is located in Los Angeles, California (we moved from Pasadena decades ago, but the name stuck), and operates one of the largest HO scale model railroads in the world, the 5000 square foot (70′ x 72′) Sierra Pacific Lines.

Overview of the Sierra Pacific LinesOur layout is open to the public during our semi-annual Open House. We meet twice a week and run operating sessions three times a month. We welcome prospective members regardless of their skill level or modeling experience. Those who wish to support the club but are not active in the hobby may become associate members.

We are accepting applications for new members — experience is welcome, but if you’re a DCC newbie and want to learn about installation (especially on one of the world’s largest model railroads), now is a great time to join as we are in the final stages of our conversion to DCC. The Sierra Pacific Lines hasn’t undergone such an extensive rewiring job in thirty-five years, and we probably won’t do it again for at least another thirty five!

Thank you for visiting PMRRC.org and the Pasadena Model Railroad Club!