Photo Gallery

Take a closer look at the Sierra Pacific Lines! Click the photos for larger versions.

Sierra Pacific Lines overview
This is the first view most visitors get of the Sierra Pacific Lines (not the whole thing, but as much as we could squeeze in without a fisheye lens). At 70’x72′ and 5,000 square feet, the Sierra Pacific Lines is one of the largest HO scale layouts in the world. Photo: Aaron Gold
Midway Yard on the Sierra Pacific Lines
Midway, the center point on the railroad. The long lens makes the yard appear smaller than it is — count the cars to get some idea of its true size. Photo: Aaron Gold
PMRRC Open House Fall 2015
The public can see the Sierra Pacific Lines in action at our semi-annual Open House. Photo: Aaron Gold
Bates Model on the Sierra Pacific Lines
Our California-themed scenery includes some of the state’s more notorious residents. Photo: Aaron Gold
SPL's harbor area under constructin
Though the club is 75 years old, we’re constantly building and modifying. Here, the new harbor area is under construction. Photo: Aaron Gold
The city of Echo on the Sierra Pacific Lines
Echo is the Sierra Pacific’s biggest city. Photo: Aaron Gold
Four-engine consist on the Sierra Pacific Lines
With long trains and a 2% ruling grade, the Sierra Pacific requires lots of power on the head end. Photo: Aaron Gold
SPL Engine Services
A look at the diesel service facility. The layout can host over 200 locomotives and approximately 2,000 freight and passenger cars. Photo: Aaron Gold
Equipment from all roads and all eras mix and mingle on the Sierra Pacific! Here a UP Challenger waits for a Chessie T1 to clear the block, as a set of UP’s heritage scheme SD70MACs glide on by. Photo: Chris Holt
Fresh from the wash rack, a shiny set of Santa Fe SD and GP units haul a double-stack train past Echo Station. Photo: Chris Holt
A Southern Pacific TankTrain crosses the bridge after departing Sierra siding. Photo: Chris Holt
A trio of Southern Pacific GP38-2s await a new crew at Redcliff. They keep the engines running to ensure they stay warm. Photo: Chris Holt
A pair of BNSF mixed friend manifests leave Alhambra yard first thing in the morning, fresh for a long run to Zion. Photo: Chris Holt
Sometimes, when the club is quiet and most of the members are fast asleep, the slightly crazier members will come and do something outrageous. Here we see Chris’ stack train (the whole thing) extending from Colton through to the end of Delta.  Photo: Chris Holt